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10.23.2017 / official video

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Debut album of romantics of alternative stage in Kazakhstan from the pictorial city of Almaty, will take you to a journey in which every one will be able to find something new and interesting.


Mixture of different musical traditions and their influence can be heard in every composition of the album. Vocal lines draw sensual, romantic patterns which are complemented by brave and untied hip-hop flavor. A lot of rock-n-rollish drive is based on transparent and sometimes very hard guitars and thick memorable bass lines.

Main theme of the album is - inspiration, which can be found in everything which surrounds each of us. It's a life full of important, bright events which can be met by people on a daily basis and, of course, it is the search of love and unending thirst for beauty. 

Album was recorded and produced by the SoundLab Records, studio based in Almaty.


Just press play and enjoy!


about Molto loud


Molto Loud - are a Kazakhstani rock band formed in Almaty in 2015 by Arman and Temirlan. The sound of the band primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on indie, with the elements of funk and hard rock. The debut album «Different» came out on July 22, 2017. The band has given more than 50 gigs in Kazakhstan and also outside its borders.
The band is signed to Almaty based «SoundLab Records» Label.


Lead Vocals, Guitar / Arman Tobagabyl
Lead Guitar, Vocals/ Temirlan Kydyrgazy
Bass / Sabizhan Saikenuly
Keyboard, Sampling / Yevgeniy Rukavichnikov



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